Thank You Notes

By Jimmy Fallon and the Writers of Late Night

This was a fun little book from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I never stay up late enough on a weeknight to watch the show, but I loved Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live. I think he’s so funny! Here’s the Kobo store’s summary:

Jimmy Fallon is very thankful. And in this first book to come from his TV show, he expresses his gratitude for everything from the light bulb he’s too lazy to replace to the F12 button on his computer’s keyboard. He thanks microbreweries for making his alcoholism seem like a neat hobby. He thanks the name “Lloyd” for having two L’s. Otherwise it would just sound like “Loyd.” He thanks the slow-moving family walking in front of him on the sidewalk. Without this “barricade of idiots,” he might never have been forced to walk in the street and risk getting hit by a car in order to get around them. He’s thankful to you, the person reading this right now. It means you’re considering buying this book. You should do it. You will be thankful that you did.

This book was pretty funny. It was also a really quick read! I read the majority of it at the laundromat while my clothes were in the washing machine. The price at the Kobo store is $8.99, which is probably the most money I would pay for such a quick read. It was hilarious, but pretty short, if you’re going to read it all at once. It’s probably better to read it in little bits and pieces.

I’m still recommending it though, because it made me laugh out loud, even at the laundromat. Funny stuff!


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  1. Mr. Pingwing says:

    “Thank you” for that helpful review ;)!

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