Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain

By Portia de Rossi

Here is a brief summary from the Kobo website:

Portia de Rossi weighed only 82 pounds when she collapsed on the set of the Hollywood film in which she was playing her first leading role. This should have been the culmination of all her years of hard work—first as a child model in Australia, then as a cast member of one of the hottest shows on American television. On the outside she was thin and blond, glamorous and successful. On the inside, she was literally dying. In this searing, unflinchingly honest book, Portia de Rossi captures the complex emotional truth of what it is like when food, weight, and body image take priority over every other human impulse or action[…] Even as she rose to fame as a cast member of the hit television shows Ally McBeal and Arrested Development, Portia alternately starved herself and binged, all the while terrified that the truth of her sexuality would be exposed in the tabloids. She reveals the heartache and fear that accompany a life lived in the closet, a sense of isolation that was only magnified by her unrelenting desire to be ever thinner.

This book was tough to put down, even when it was difficult to read. She seems to have really struggled her whole life with her weight, self-image, sexuality…however, she seems to have come through it all and is now  happy and healthy.

Much of the book focuses on her time on the tv show Ally McBeal. I must admit that, while I’ve certainly heard of the show, I never really watched it. I do, however, remember how skinny its star, Calista Flockhart, was. I think the show and its shrinking stars got a lot of media coverage for their appearance. I did love to read all of the ‘behind the scenes’ information about what it was really like to work on a big tv show (it certainly didn’t sound as glamourous as I thought!).

The book also gave a sense of what it feels like to be stalked by paparazzi. With all the things in her life that she was trying to keep secret, I can understand why she was in constant fear of being found out by photographers.

There is a lot of stuff in here about Portia’s eating disorder. It was, at times, difficult to read it, because she shows, so honestly, what her life was like at her lowest point. It made me very very sad for her. It also made me think, of course, about the media, tv and film industry, magazines with photoshopped pictures, and the standards that some women feel they must live up to, as impossible as they seem. Based on this book, that life seems very sad, lonely and full of fear and anxiety.

I came away from this book happy, despite its dark subject matter, because I have a life where my looks and size are not factors on which my career success is based. I was also happy to read the epilogue about her recovery and acceptance of her sexuality, which led to her relationship with Ellen De Generes (one of my favourite celebrities!). There was a lovely passage describing their wedding day, which made me glad that Portia overcame all of these challenges, because she got to finally live her life as the person she is and not the person she thought everyone else wanted her to be.

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  1. Bryan says:

    How are things in the nations capital? I need some help….Do you remember the title and author of the book you were reading at xmas? It was about the doctor who found his wife dead in the crevase in Switzerland. But she wasn’t really dead. Together they stopped the terrorists from blowing up the El Al plane coming in for a landing at Zurich. I can’t remember the authors name.
    Also, a couple of books that you might want to read: The Millionaires, and The Zero Game, both by Brad Meltzer. You will enjoy these.

    Luv, Dad

  2. Bryan says:

    If u enjoyed Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson, you will enjoy the 2nd; The Girl Who Played With Fire. I couldn’t put it down!!!! I think its better than the first.

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