The Tenth Girl

Describing a book as a ‘gothic psychological thriller with a haunting twist’ pretty much guarantees that I will read it.

The Babysitters Coven

I do wish I’d enjoyed this book more.

The Need

A fascinating, propulsive read.


I keep thinking about it after I’ve read it and didn’t really expect to.


I had such high hopes and expectations for this book! I’d heard fantastic things about it, and I was excited to read it.

Heaven, My Home

I’m eagerly waiting for the next book in the series, and if you haven’t read these yet, you should. Highly recommended!

Dim Sum Of All Fears

I am planning on continuing with this series.

The Lost Man

I think The Lost Man is my favourite Jane Harper novel.

Keep This To Yourself

This is a great pick for YA mystery readers.

Tunnel Of Bones

I already can’t wait to read book three!

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