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I have only read the Harry Potter series once. I borrowed the books from my sister years ago, and that was that. I really loved it, but as with all good series, I wanted to read it again a year or so later. Problem: my sister moved to a different city so I could no longer borrow the books, and I didn’t have the money to buy the entire series myself.

When I got my Kobo e-reader, I figured I’d just buy the series in e-book format, which would likely be cheaper than purchasing the physical books. Another problem: the series had not been released (legitimately) in e-book format.

I was bummed but decided that I would just have to wait and eventually buy the series in traditional format (even though I’ve come to prefer e-books and don’t have any space for any more physical books, let alone an entire seven book series).

But then…Pottermore!

The site will launch on October 1, 2011, (my wedding day!!!) and will be the only place to purchase the Harry Potter series in e-book format! Finally! I am really, really excited about this. I can’t wait to re-read the series and post my thoughts here on Pingwing’s Bookshelf! I have no idea what the e-books will cost, but I am hopeful that they will be in my e-book budget.

So for now, I’ll add the series to my Future Reads page, and since I’ll be busy getting married the day the site launches, I will purchase the first book in the series shortly after – perhaps on my honeymoon, so I have something to read on the train!

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