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Non-Bookish 2018 Favourites: Music



I tend to listen to the same music that I’ve loved for years and years over and over, and don’t always listen to new stuff. This year was mostly a year of listening to old favourites, and a couple of new-to-me artists.

Janelle Monae, Dirty Computer

This was one of my absolute favourite albums of the year. It’s the first album of hers I’ve listened to, and I loved it so much! This album was the soundtrack to my summer.

Favourite songs:

Crazy, Classic, Life;

So Afraid;

Django Jane; and


Taylor Swift, Reputation

I love Taylor Swift, and because my BFF and I were going to see her in concert in the summer for her Reputation tour, I listened to this album constantly!

Favourite songs:

Call It What You Want;

Getaway Car;

I Did Something Bad;


Aimee Mann, I’m With Stupid

This is an album I hadn’t listened to in about 20 years, but I started listening to it again in the fall and was obsessed with it! It’s soooo good.

Favourite songs:

That’s Just What You Are;

Long Shot;



Idlewild, A Distant History

This is my favourite band, but I hadn’t really listened to this album before, a collection of rarities and b-sides. But I got really into it over the summer. There were so many great b-sides I hadn’t heard before!

Favourite songs:

Hold On To Your Breath;

Poor Thing;

Don’t Let Me Change; and

The Nothing I Know.

Tim Heidecker, In Glendale

I love Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric; On Cinema at the Cinema; Decker; etc.) and I really enjoyed listening to this album.

Favourite songs:

Work From Home;

I Dare You To Watch Me Sleep;

Ocean’s Too Cold; and

When the Cash Runs Out.

Kylie Minogue, Golden

I’m a major Kylie Minogue fan (I still can’t believe I got to see her live on her first North American tour way back in 2009), and I was so excited for this album to come out! It’s so fun, and it has a bit of a different sound, but still has that Kylie feel.

Favourite songs:


A Lifetime to Repair;

Stop Me From Falling; and


There you have it! Some old favourites and some new-to-me artists. What did you love listening to this year?

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