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Non-Bookish 2018 Favourites: TV Shows


I’m working on my post discussing my favourite books of the year, but I wanted to also take a little time to talk about some non-book things I really enjoyed this year!

Today, I’m talking about the TV shows I loved watching in 2018.

I loved a few TV shows very intensely this year.


First up is my ultimate favourite, Supernatural. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of seasons, and I’ve been slowly carrying on with my rewatch (which I’ve been talking about on the blog).

I was so pleasantly surprised to love Jack last season, and I love seeing the growth of his relationships with Sam, Dean, and Castiel this season.


Next up is Better Call Saul. I watched Breaking Bad but wouldn’t say that I loved it. But I definitely love BCS, and I particuarly love the two characters who did not appear on BB (and this causes me a lot of anxiety): Kim Wexler and Nacho Varga.

Kim and Jimmy’s relationship is the core of the show, and I have simultaneously loved watching Jimmy become Saul Goodman, and dreaded it because of what I fear it means for him and Kim. And I love Nacho’s story on the cartel side.


Another show I loved earlier this year was Justified. I finally got to binge-watch the entire series after only seeing the first two seasons a few years ago, and it was sooo good. I really loved the relationship between Raylan and Boyd, and the final season had me super emotional.


I watched Bill Hader’s show Barry and loved it. I really wish there had been more than eight episodes in season one because they were all so great, but I’m super looking forward to season two! Bill Hader was fantastic in this, and I loved how dark it was.


I finally started watching Schitt’s Creek this year, and it’s hilarious! I still have a couple of seasons to watch to be caught up, but I love it already.


My favourite thing to watch all year was On Cinema At the Cinema, with Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington! I am fully obsessed with this show. It’s ostensibly a movie review show, but it’s so much more than that, and it’s hilarious. I’ve mentioned it on the blog here before, and I’ve watched the Oscar specials as well as the spin-off TV show Decker, and I even got to meet Gregg last month when he came to town for a Neil Hamburger show at Yuk Yuk’s! That was an awesome night.

So those were my favourite shows in 2018! I watched a lot of other stuff this year that I didn’t include here, or else this post would never have ended (Fargo; Brooklyn 99; The Good Place; Gilmore Girls for the zillionth time; my beloved Coronation Street).

Let me know what you watched and loved this year!

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