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I last posted one of these in August, so figured with Halloween coming up it was a good time to post another list of movies I’ve watched lately! And as I mentioned, I’ve now got a Letterboxd account where I have been tracking the movies I’ve watched.

As usual, here’s a list of all of the movies that I’ve watched since then, with the ones I really liked in bold:

  1. Kairo (Pulse)
  2. The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home
  3. The Censor
  4. The Devil’s Candy
  5. Ringu
  6. Underwater
  7. The Empty Man
  8. The Retreat
  9. Sequence Break
  10. Aliens
  11. We Summon the Darkness
  12. DeadCon
  13. Superdeep
  14. Bleed With Me
  15. The Banishing
  16. Hush
  17. Till Death
  18. 23:59
  19. The Last Exorcism
  20. Lake Bodom
  21. It (part one)
  22. It (part two)
  23. Baskin
  24. Mortal Kombat
  25. Superhost
  26. Lake Artifact
  27. Triangle
  28. Fear Street 1666
  29. Await Further Instructions
  30. Pontypool
  31. When A Stranger Calls Back
  32. There’s Someone Inside Your House
  33. V/H/S 94
  34. Friday the 13th
  35. The Night House
  36. The Muppets’ Haunted Mansion
  37. The House of the Devil
  38. Possum
  39. The Thing
  40. The Houses October Built 2
  41. Malignant
  42. V/H/S 2

What have you been watching lately?

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