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I’ve watched a bunch of movies since my last movies post! As usual, they were mostly horror movies, and I’m tracking and rating them all on my Letterboxd account.

Here’s the list, with the ones I particularly involved in bold (with links to the movies):

  1. As Above, So Below (really cool idea and a couple of interesting scenes, but not scary. Kind of disappointing, given the buildup)
  2. A Ghost Waits (the acting killed this for me, because the story had potential)
  3. Pyewacket (this was decent, if a bit slow, but I thought the payoff at the end was good)
  4. Men (I had high hopes but this was so pretentious and trying so hard to ‘say something’ but actually said nothing)
  5. Resurrection (not great but Rebecca Hall makes this better than it probably is)
  6. Gone In The Night (dismal. Please can we get Winona Ryder some better material)
  7. The Tunnel (Australian found-footage movie. Not great, but it tries)
  8. The Cellar (pointless)
  9. The Scary of Sixty-First (do not waste your time, as I did)
  10. Escape Room (fun and reinforces my decision not to do escape rooms)
  11. Nope (I didn’t love this, but there are some great performances and it’s interesting, which is more than I can say for a lot of other movies on this list!)
  12. No Time To Die (I love the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies)
  13. The Thing (2011) (I was excited to watch this but it had none of the tension and suspense of the original)
  14. The Taking of Deborah Logan (another decent found-footage movie)
  15. Turning Red (so cute! It was fun to see Toronto in a big Pixar movie)
  16. The Strangers: Prey At Night (yawn)
  17. The Thing (1982) (rewatch) (I love this movie. It’s tense, suspenseful, has some truly great practical effects, and I love the bleak ending)
  18. The Invitation (rewatch) (this is another one I love for its tension and the way it keeps the viewer unsteady and unsure until the final act)
  19. Werewolves Within (not sure if this was supposed to be funny or scary, but it was neither)
  20. Umma (this was just okay, but I love Sandra Oh)
  21. Who Invited Them (predictable, boring, felt too long)
  22. Speak No Evil (bleak and infuriating)
  23. 28 Weeks Later (a let-down considering the first movie is so fantastic)
  24. Sinister 2 (not good)
  25. The Exorcist (this was a rewatch at the movie theatre, so fun! I hadn’t seen this movie in decades and it was great to re-experience it on a big screen)
  26. Deadstream (loved this! Fun, funny, some great Evil Dead-style effects)
  27. There’s Nothing Out There (this was a random watch and it was a definite waste of time)
  28. Bodies Bodies Bodies (this was so fun, and even though I could see the end reveal coming from a mile away, it was funny. Already looking forward to rewatching this one)
  29. Incantation (kind of stretches the plausibility of the found-footage conceit, but it had some good spooky moments)
  30. The Evil Dead (rewatch) (still good)

What have you been watching lately?

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