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Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man (Guest review by Mr. Pingwing)

Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man (Guest review by Mr. Pingwing)Sterling's Gold By Roger Sterling

Source Received as a gift

Published by Grove Press on November 16, 2010

Rating: three-half-stars

Cover image and synopsis from Goodreads:

When it premiered in 2007, the Mad Men series sparked a cultural phenomenon that now boasts over three million viewers. With a long list of awards including three back-to-back Golden Globes and three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series, Mad Men has captivated the world with its brilliant portrayal of the 1960s and stylish characters, including the dashing advertising mogul Roger Sterling. Directing and discovering some of the sharpest talents in the business, Roger has shown an uncanny flair for unique methods of motivation and a tireless genius, resulting in campaigns that raise the advertising standard across the country, and acquiring a reputation for his quips, barbs, and witticisms along the way. Presented as Roger’s memoir during the fourth season of Mad Men, and published as a “lost classic,” Sterling’s Gold is the entertaining collection of our favorite ad man’s best one-liners.

Roger Sterling’s pithy comments and observations amount to a unique window into the advertising world—a world that few among us are privileged to witness firsthand—as well as a commentary on life in New York City in the middle of the twentieth century. Cleverly designed and accented by design elements and attractive color photographs, and encased in an elegant, compact period package, it’s a must-have for any Mad Men fan.

Sterling’s Gold is a quick read containing quotes and quips from Roger Sterling, a character on AMC’s award-winning period drama Mad Men, about the world of advertising in New York City in the 1960s.

The book can be enjoyed by both those who have followed the series, now entering its sixth season, and those who have never seen an episode.  Although many quotes are more humourous if you are familiar with the character of Roger Sterling, those who are not will still get a chuckle out of his take on the advertising business, women, office politics, drinking, and life in general.

I was glad to receive this book as a gift and would recommend it to any fan of Mad Men!


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