Blueberry Muffin Murder

By Joanne Fluke

(This book is third in the series, after Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and Strawberry Shortcake Murder)

Here is the plot synopsis from the Chapters website:

As Lake Eden prepares for its annual Winter Carnival, America”s “Cooking Sweetheart, ” Connie Mac, is named creator of the official carnival cake. That leaves a bitter taste in Hannah Swensen’s mouth. But when Hannah opens her bakery, The Cookie Jar, and finds the domineering Connie dead in her pantry, she must save her shop by finding the killer herself.

If you like the previous Hannah Swenson mysteries, I would recommend this.  The love triangle between Hannah and her suitors, Norman and Mike, is getting more complicated, and since it turns out so many people hated the “Cooking Sweetheart”, Connie Mac, there are a lot of suspects – I figured this one out, but not until close to the end of the book.  Another yummy murder mystery!

4 Responses to Blueberry Muffin Murder

  1. Lorie says:

    Can you remember a mystery read that total surprised you with its conclusion? Do you usually figure them out before the end? I just love it when it’s not until the “last page” that all is revealed!

    • Pingwings says:

      I think I try to stop myself from figuring it out before it’s revealed! Sometimes it’s hard to just read and let the story take me where it’s going though – although even if I think I’ve figured it out, that doesn’t mean I’m right, ha ha!

  2. Lil' Ping Wing says:

    I just finished reading this one yesterday!! I thought it was super good though I was able to figure out who the killer was a bit sooner than I would have liked.

    I’m also loving the love triangle! I hope it stays the same, though, and that she never has to pick either! I’m thinking of gifting the first book in the series to Mom when she gets her Kobo Touch! Then she can read the whole series too!!!

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