The Need

A fascinating, propulsive read.


I keep thinking about it after I’ve read it and didn’t really expect to.


I had such high hopes and expectations for this book! I’d heard fantastic things about it, and I was excited to read it. It was a huge book (my hardcover was around 800 pages), but I read through the first couple of pages fairly quickly. I was so intrigued and wanted to know what was […]

Heaven, My Home

I’m eagerly waiting for the next book in the series, and if you haven’t read these yet, you should. Highly recommended!

Dim Sum Of All Fears

I am planning on continuing with this series.

The Lost Man

I think The Lost Man is my favourite Jane Harper novel.

Keep This To Yourself

This is a great pick for YA mystery readers.

Tunnel Of Bones

I already can’t wait to read book three!

Into the Drowning Deep

This was a great choice for the start of my spooky fall reading.

The Turn Of The Key

I really enjoyed that this story kept me on my toes.

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