Announcing Project SPN Rewatch

Announcing Project SPN RewatchSo. Supernatural is my favourite show. I’ve written about it before (here, and mentions here and here, among other posts) and I talk about this show a lot! I love the story, the characters, the mix of horror elements with humour, and the relationship between main characters Sam and Dean Winchester.

My mom and my sisters have recently started watching it, after me trying to push the show on them for a long time, and talking to them about the early episodes that they’ve been watching has made me want to rewatch the series.

I figured that this would be something fun to blog about – a series rewatch, episode by episode! I’ll be posting every Tuesday and Saturday, and the posts will be spoiler-y! So be warned, if you choose to read my adventures in Supernatural – there will definitely be spoilers.

The posts are probably going to be a mix of my reactions, some recap, and some analysis once we get into some episodes that delve into the larger multi-episode arcs and storylines.

So far I’ve watched and made notes on all of season one, and that was so fun that I didn’t read anything while I was rewatching the show! This is definitely a project that I will have to try harder to balance with my other interests. Look for the first post, blogging about the pilot episode, this Saturday!

If you aren’t a fan of the show, I hope my posts will inspire you to check it out!

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