Armchair BEA: Wrap Up

Armchair BEA is for us bloggers who can’t attend BEA (Book Expo America) in person! This is my first year participating, and I’m excited!

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Wrap Up

From Armchair BEA Central:

On this final day, we encourage you to wrap-up the week with your favorites and highlights of the week.  Did you learn something new?  Did you connect with a new-to-you blogger?  What was your favorite discussion topic?  Do you have ideas for future years?  You can write your own blog post and link it up, but we also encourage you to take our end-of-event survey.

This was my first year participating in Armchair BEA and I loved it! I didn’t post every day, but I picked the topics I was excited about and on which I had much to say/write, and I had a good time not only writing my own posts, but reading others’. I got some great comments from people visiting my site, and I tried to read and comment on other people’s posts as much as I could.

I discovered some really great, new-to-me blogs. I also added a whole bunch of books to my endless TBR list!! Those are probably two of the best things that have come out of my participation this year.

It was awesome to see so many different readers participating, and I really loved reading everyone’s introduction posts on the first day. We book bloggers are such a fun, diverse community!

I think my favourite discussion topic was Saturday’s Young Adult topic. I’ve loved YA for a while, but writing that post made me stop and really think about why I love it. I also liked putting together a list of recommended YA reads, since I’m always encouraging people to read YA, especially if they haven’t before.

I’m definitely looking forward to participating next year!

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