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Project SPN Rewatch: Simon Said

Project SPN Rewatch: Simon Said

(As I mentioned in my post announcing this rewatch project, there will be spoilers!)

Season Two, Episode Five: Simon Said

Image episode summary from Wikipedia:

When Sam has a vision of a man committing a murder-suicide, Ash helps the brothers track down Andy Gallagher (Gabriel Tigerman), whose mother was killed in the same manner as their own mother—dying in a nursery fire. They head to Guthrie, Oklahoma, and Sam is able to stop the murder, although the man still ends up killing himself. The brothers later locate Andy, and learn that he has mind-control abilities. They believe that Andy forced the man to commit suicide. However, Sam has another vision of a woman's suicide, and it comes to pass while they are talking to Andy, exonerating him. After learning that Andy was adopted and that the woman who killed herself is his biological mother, they conduct research and discover that he has a twin brother named Ansen (Elias Toufexis) that he never knew about. Ansen has been using the same ability out of anger to kill those connected to the adoption that separated them. He targets Andy's ex-girlfriend, and the Winchesters rush to save her. However, Andy ends up killing his twin to save Dean, making Sam realize that every child connected to Azazel seems to end up becoming a killer. After they return to the Roadhouse, Ash reveals that Ansen's adoptive mother did not die when he was an infant, meaning not every psychic child follows a traceable pattern.

This episode deals with Sam’s visions. Ooh the opening is good and creepy!

Hmm bad dream, Sammy.

Sam wants to go to the Roadhouse – perhaps there’s a connection to the demon? Dean says it’s a bad idea because other hunters will be there and he doesn’t want them knowing about Sam’s abilities. Dean calls Sam a freak – tension!!

Jo! Ellen! I love them! They go to the Roadhouse and get Ash searching for connections with Sam’s vision.

Lol REO Speedwagon – “He sings it from the hair”.

The bros go to the town from Sam’s vision and find a guy (Andy) who’s mother died the same way that their mother did. Sam’s visions are about the kids who also have mothers who died the same way.

Sam and Dean pose as lawyers, trying to find Andy. It turns out that he’s got a pretty sweet van!

Sam wonders if he’s going to turn into a killer, like Max and Andy. Dean says Sam is not a murder, but Sam says that last he checked, he killed all kinds of things. Dean tells him that there’s a difference – those things were asking for it.

Sam’s visions allow him to try and save people, like he does via ‘the family business’.

There’s Andy! Something seems off about him – they see him talking to the guy from Sam’s vision, at the beginning of the episode. Sam follows the shooter, and Dean follows Andy. But what’s this? Andy gets Dean to give him the Impala!!

The shooter gets a phone call and goes to the hunting store from Sam’s vision. Sam sets off the fire alarm, thinking that has stopped his vision from coming true. We see Andy drive by in the Impala! Then the guy Sam’s following gets another phone call, and walks in front of a bus and dies.

Sam’s feeling super guilty – he kept the guy out of the gun store, but he still died. According to Dean, Any Obi-Wan’d him for the Impala. He couldn’t not give him the car.

Andy visits two people in town: the waitress and a guy named Weber. He tells them that the doctor is dead (the guy Sam tried to save). It seems like there is, or was, something between Andy and the waitress. She tells Andy and Weber about Sam and Dean looking for Andy.

The brothers find Andy and the Impala. He apologizes for what he did, and explains his abilities. He needs to use verbal commands to ‘work his mojo’. Dean is now not sure that Andy is the killer but Sam disagrees.

Sam wonders about the killer’s motive. Andy confronts them and mind controls them to tell the truth, so Dean does, but it doesn’t seem to work on Sam. Interesting.

There is so much awesomeness in Dean’s forced speech to Andy.

Sam tells Andy about himself: his abilities that started a year ago, his mother died in a fire…while he’s asking Andy why he killed the doctor, Sam gets another vision. Andy says that he didn’t kill the doctor.

Se get a glimpse of Sam’s vision, in which the victim receives a call on her cellphone. They hear sirens and think it could be too late. Dean goes to check it out, and Sam stays with Andy.

Dean says the killer couldn’t have been Andy because Sam was with him the whole time.

Sam and Andy talk about their abilities. Andy says he has everything he needs. He’s happy. Sam realizes Andy isn’t the killer, and his relieved: “there’s hope for both of us”.

It turns out that the victim Dean has gone to investigate may be Andy’s real birth mother. Andy was adopted. His adoptive mother died just like Sam and Dean’s mother did. They check the records and confirm the victim was Andy’s mother and it turns out that the doctor was her doctor, and oversaw Andy’s adoption.

SHE GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS! Both children were put up for adoption. Andy: “I have an evil twin”.

They learn that Andy’s brother lives in town. It turns out that he’s Weber! The guy from the diner! And Weber has a thing for the waitress form the diner (Tracy). AND Andy and Tracy used to date.

Well we certainly learned a lot.

Sam gets another vision. This time, he sees Tracy kill herself.

We see Weber and Tracy talking. She’s crying, saying she wants to go home. Weber tells her that Andy is his family, and she can’t have him.

Sam, Dean, and Andy are trying to find Weber and Tracy.

Weber tells Tracy that she’s going to think she can fly, and then she’ll step off the edge of the bridge (or is it a dam? I’m typing this up after I watched the episode and I don’t remember).

Sam shows up and Andy tries to rescue Tracy. We see that Weber can use his mind too, like Andy, except he doesn’t need to verbalize the commands to control people. Weber says he’s stronger than Andy.

Weber didn’t mean for all of this to happen – Tracy got in between Andy and Weber. And it turns out that Azazel, old Yellow Eyes himself, told Weber that he couldn’t tell Andy that they were brothers yet. Azazel came to Weber in his dream.

Weber killed the people that he thinks split him and Andy up. Hmm. A brother story, but not like Sam and Dean.

Weber is about to make Dean kill himself!! But Andy shoots Weber just in time. Phew.

When the cops show up, Andy tells them that Weber shot himself, and they all saw it happen. Things seem tense between Tracy and Andy now. He never used his abilities on her before last night, when he was trying to save her. But she’s scared of him.

Sam gives Andy his phone number and tells him to call if he needs anything. Dean, charming as ever, tells Andy to be good “or we’ll be back”.

Sam is right – Andy is a killer after all. But Dean says he’s a hero: Andy saved his life, and Tracy’s. Sam says that the bottom line is that Andy wasted someone.

Dean says Andy’s not a psycho and he was pushed into it. Sam counters that in the right circumstances, everyone is capable of murder. Maybe the demon is pushing, finding ways to break people.

Dean says to keep doing what they’re doing and they’ll find the demon and kill it.

The boys get a call from Ellen. They meet her at the Roadhouse and she asks them about the latest hunt. She’s put the pieces together re: the demon. Dean says that it isn’t her business but Ellen says that something big is coming. All they’ve got is “us, together. No secrets or half truths”.

Sam tells Ellen about the other kids out there with abilities, including his own visions/premonitions. The demon has plans.

Dean says not all of the kids are dangerous, but Sam says that some are. And Weber’s adoptive mother didn’t die in a house fire, so the pattern is broken. They can’t track them all that way and who knows how many are really out there.

Overall Thoughts:

I love that the basis for this episode was Sam’s abilities, and the demon and his plans for the kids with abilities.


-Mind control; psychic abilities

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