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April 2024

I’ve been reading so much, but I don’t always feel like writing a full review for everything. I was inspired by Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Quick Lit posts, as well as Hannah at So Obsessed With‘s monthly Quick Lit posts, and decided to do something similar as a way to briefly discuss the books I read in a month but don’t write full reviews for.

I am so behind on reviews! And my reading has slowed down lately because I’ve been playing so much Nintendo (Palia, Bandle Tale, Fae Farm, and Moonstone Island). But I’ve got some books out from the library that I’ve been anticipating so I will be getting back into the swing of my reading!

I read 11 books in April. Here are my thoughts:

The Dark Lake, Sarah Bailey (purchased) – 3⭐

This was okay. I didn’t think the mystery was solved by any real solid work by our protagonist, and I’m not sure what about this character and her world calls for a sequel. But I liked the setting and there seems like potential for a good partnership by the end of the book, so I might check out the next book from the library to see if I enjoy book two more.

A Trick of the Light, Louise Penny (library) – 4⭐

What I liked most about this entry in the series is that it delved into the relationship and tension between Clara and Peter. The mystery itself was fine, and I enjoyed a deeper look at Beauvoir’s personal life too.

Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone, Benjamin Stevenson (purchased) – 4⭐

This was an entertaining read, although at times I found myself a bit lost. But I liked the self-awareness and it was refreshing to read something this different from my usual dark and twisty thrillers. And as a bonus, I didn’t figure out who the killer was before it was revealed.

Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect, Benjamin Stevenson (e-ARC) – 4⭐

Even though I enjoyed book one, I thought this sequel was better than the first! Unlike the first book in the series, I predicted the culprit’s identity fairly early on, but had a lot of fun reading about Ernie figuring it out. The train setting was great, and as a bookworm, I loved the crime-writing festival that was taking place.

The Marlow Murder Club, Robert Thorogood (library) – 3.5⭐

This was a charming cozy mystery with an interesting protagonist. I enjoyed this enough to pick up the sequel from the library once I finished.

Midnight on Beacon Street, Emily Ruth Verona (purchased) – 3.5⭐

This was much less of a thriller or horror novel than I expected, but was a tense, slow burn that I enjoyed once I adjusted my expectations.

Murder By the Book, Lauren Elliott (purchased) – 2.5⭐

This book encapsulated a lot of what I feel like is typical of cozies and why I don’t really go for them: the characters all seemed too stupid and so flat, the culprit’s identity and motive seemed obvious throughout and yet no one could put it together, the romance was underwhelming, the dialogue felt stilted, and the pacing felt uneven. The setting was cute but I wish I had enjoyed this more. Sadly I didn’t care for this enough to check out the next in the series.

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers, Jesse Q. Sutanto (purchased) – 4⭐

This was a book club read but was one I’d had on my radar since it first released and I’m so glad I finally read it! It was such a sweet, funny, charming read and was just what I needed at the time!

Death Comes to Marlow, Robert Thorogood (library) – 4⭐

This was another fun mystery, and I think I enjoyed this more than the first because the relationships between Judith, Suzie, and Becks were established and more interesting to read about.

Kitty Language: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding Your Cat, Lili Chin (purchased) – 5⭐

This was an absolute delight! I loved the charming illustrations throughout the book.

The Husbands, Holly Gramazio (library) – 4⭐

As soon as I read the premise, I knew I had to get my hand on this book! It sounded so unique! This was funnier and quirkier than I expected, and I really enjoyed it.

What have you been reading?


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