Well, another Monday is here. Although today was a long, busy day, I had a fun weekend: Husband and I had dinner with friends on Friday, where I enjoyed the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had! Our host told us the secret ingredient, and I’m looking forward to trying the recipe out for myself.

On Saturday, I got my chores out-of-the-way early (laundry and groceries), and then caught up on my reading and TV shows (Vampire Diaries!). Husband went over to a friend’s while I stayed home to continue reading, and I watched the NHL All-Star Game skills competition. Very cool that it all took place in my city!

Sunday was a day of hanging out on the couch, playing video games and watching a movie with my husband. We saw District 9 earlier, and then rounded out the weekend with The Mechanic. I enjoyed both movies a lot.

Is it the weekend yet? (Wink)

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