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This is part of a new feature I’m trying out, called TBIM (or, Too Bad It’s Monday). I think it will be a weekly post for me to write a little about what’s going on in the life of Pingwing!

The weather here is pretty crummy and gloomy today: lots of rain, slush, and ice. But I have my new Kobo Touch to read when I get home! I upgraded from the original Kobo over the Christmas holidays (Future Shop had a really great Boxing Week sale price so I purchased online) and I have been loving it. The library organization and page turn speed is better than my old Kobo. The device is slightly smaller than my old school Kobo as well, but I find it easier to read on, due to the better refresh rate. I also think the smaller size makes it a lot easier to hold while I read.

Another feature I love is Reading Life, where I receive various awards for reading. I love getting awarded for reading!! It also has wi-fi capabilities that my old Kobo didn’t have, which I love. Now I can buy e-books on the go! (On the older Kobo, I had to buy books using my computer, then connect the Kobo to my computer and transfer books that way)

Hubby and I watched  Super 8 on the weekend, which I had rented from Rogers Video. What a great movie! I give it an A+.  The story, the effects, the actors – I thought it was all awesome. We also saw Taken, which was pretty action-packed but not as entertaining.

Today felt like a long, exhausting day, so now that I’m home and Monday is almost over, I’m looking forward to reading my new Nintendo Power issue, continuing to read my current book, and catching up on some tv shows. How was your Monday?

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