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The Finalist

The FinalistThe Finalist By Joan Long

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Published by Level Best Books on March 15, 2022

Rating: three-stars

Five authors, each with their own secrets, are chosen to complete a deceased novelist’s unfinished manuscript. For single mom Risa Marr, the competition is the opportunity of a lifetime. At stake is a million dollars and a contract to continue the famous novelist’s bestselling thriller series.

Transported to the tropical paradise of Key Island, the finalists are cut off from the world and given seven days to draft their best ending for the book. But when one of them turns up dead, theories and accusations abound. Accident? Suicide? Or Murder? To what lengths will competitors go to win? And who, if anyone, will leave the island alive?

Any mystery about books and/or writing is always going to grab my attention, so this book definitely captured my interest when I first heard about it.

I loved the premise, but maybe I misunderstood what I was getting, because while I was expecting a dark thriller, this read to me more like a cozy mystery, which isn’t always my jam.

Despite the stakes, I just never felt any tension or thrills, and the characters felt very flat to me. The killer’s identity was pretty easy to see coming from the very beginning, too. So for me this was just okay, and kind of disappointing given my initial excitement about it.

So if you like your mysteries more on the light and cozy side, this might be one you want to pick up. But if you’re like me and you prefer something darker and twistier, I don’t think this is going to be it.


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