Week In Review

July 4 – 17

I missed posting last week. I haven’t done much reading since I last wrote, so this will probably be short and sweet!

I did pick up the two most recent volumes of Lumberjanes:


I also pre-ordered a copy of Megan Abbott’s You Will Know Me, which should be arriving any day now. I’m very excited to read it and have heard good things about it.

In non-book news, I’m desperately waiting for Pokemon Go to be officially available in Canada. I want to catch ’em all!

I also finished watching all of the Harry Potter movies, for the first time! I was crying so much by the end of the last movie. They’re so so good!

I also started watching Orphan Black, which is great, and watched all of the Netflix series Stranger Things, which was wonderful and creepy.

I finished reading The Flip Side, by Johnson (I LOVE gymanstics), and re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Currently, I’m STILL reading The Telling by Alexandra Sirowy, and The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead.

On the blog, I don’t have any reviews scheduled yet because I’ve got to finish a couple of books. In the past week or so, I posted my reviews of:

Beware That Girl, by Teresa Toten;

Even in Paradise, by Chelsey Philpot; and

The Flip Side.

I’m off to see the new Ghostbusters movie tonight, yay! And then try to relax with a book before the weekend is totally over. Happy Sunday!

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