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March 18 – 24

OK if you haven’t heard the news, it was announced that the next season of Supernatural will be its last. I AM NOT READY TO TALK ABOUT THIS but I will say that I think it was decided by Jared and Jensen, not the network, and that I know they will make sure the show, and the Winchester brothers, get a fitting, satisfying ending. And logically, going into season 15, I knew that the end was probably near, especially after passing 300 episodes, but emotionally, I am still not okay.

In other news, I have finally done a little bit of reading this week! And I watched a movie that I really enjoyed: Train to Busan (via Netflix). This was a South Korean zombie movie that I loved! It was fun, and I watched it while I was home alone and I kept reacting loudly and yelling at the TV. It was really good, and I actually got really emotional at one point, which I wasn’t expecting from a zombie movie. But I loved it, and I’m trying to convince my husband to watch it with me so I can see it again. If you like zombie movies, I definitely recommend this one!

New books:

I used up a gift card to buy a couple of ebooks:

Barbed Wire Heart, Tess Sharpe; and

The Plotters, Un-su Kim.

I had initially checked both of these books out from the library, but while I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately, I returned most of my library books unread. But these were two that I knew I really really wanted to read, so I treated myself to them.

Books read:

I actually read a book this week! I finished Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice and really liked it. I’ll be working on my review later today.

Current reads:

I started reading my ARC of Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan, so I will probably read a bit more of that today. I like what I’ve read so far.

Corrie Corner:

(My thoughts on the most recent Coronation Street episodes. Definite spoiler alert!)

So the factory roof collapsed. RIP Rana. I had known that the character was being written off the show, and that she was going to die, but I was disappointed that she died on her wedding day. Also, I thought Lolly was going to murder her, so the show did surprise me somewhat by killing her in that factory collapse.

I am convinced that Seb is the saboteur, but I like that they’ve set up so many suspects: Seb, Gary, Robert, Nick, maybe more that I’ve forgotten.

Speaking of Robert – I feel like Michelle breaking up with him kind of came out of nowhere. They’ve had The Baby Talk before, but I am annoyed that Michelle dumped him because she thought it was best for him, so he can have a baby with someone else in the future. WTF.

I love Evelyn working with Kev and Tyrone at the auto shop! I love pretty much every scene that Evelyn is in, so I’m glad she’s back and I hope we get to see more of her!

I also love the new barbershop that Nick and David are running, and I definitely love that Gail is working there now! I think the Platts are my favourite family to watch, so this should be fun.

Time to go be in my feelings some more about Supernatural. I love the show, the actors, the fandom, and it’s meant so much to me over so many years. I’ll be stepping up my rewatch to help get through this sad time. Thank goodness I’ve got every season on DVD so I can rewatch forever.

To my #SPNFamily, we’re in this together! To the rest of you, happy Sunday!

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  1. Yes to more of your SPN rewatch, it’ll help get through this difficult time. Thursday nights will never be the same.

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