Rules of Vengeance

By Christopher Reich

Here is the summary from the Chapters website:

“Months after foiling an international terrorist attack, Doctors Without Borders physician Jonathan Ransom is working under an assumed name in a remote corner of Africa. His wife, Emma, desperate to escape the wrath of Division, the secret American intelligence agency she betrayed, has been in hiding. Both look forward to sharing a stolen weekend in London–until a terrorist attack ruins their romantic rendezvous. In the aftermath, Emma disappears and Jonathan is apprehended by the police and threatened, unless he helps secure his wife’s capture. He embarks on a breathless chase across Europe, searching for Emma, and keeping Division at bay . . . until he realizes that all along he’s been a pawn in a high-stakes game of international intrigue far beyond his imagining.”

This book is the sequel to Rules of Deception, which I really enjoyed.

At first I had a difficult time getting into this book but once I did, I liked it even better than the first one.  This time most of the action takes place in England, and Jonathan Ransom is on the run, on his own, throughout the book.

The structure is the same as in Rules of Deception: each chapter follows a different character, leaving you in suspense about the character/events in the chapter you’ve just finished.  It definitely kept me reading!

I really liked the action and suspense in this book.  Plot-wise, I don’t want to give anything away, but I think it’s safe to say that I also liked the way the plot in this book unfolded as Jonathan learned more – as the reader, I was just as in the dark as he was, and things gradually become clear throughout as Jonathan uncovers more about Emma and what she’s up to.

If you liked Rules of Deception, I definitely recommend this book.  It has the same level of action and intrigue as the first, and this time around, I found it all easier to follow.

Stay tuned for my post on Rules of Betrayal, the third book in the series, which I plan on reading right away!

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