Social Creature

This was a dark, twisted book that I read fairly quickly.

The Night Sister

This book was just okay for me.


I love reading books about books, and this sounded like such a tantalizing mystery.

The Lost Symbol

Another adventure starring world-renowned symbologist Robert Langdon.

Crazy Rich Asians

This book was a really great summer read: light, funny, and super entertaining. I definitely recommend this one!

The Dead Path

​Overall, if you like horror/scary stories, you may enjoy this, but I can’t strongly recommend it.


If you’re a science fiction fan, I definitely recommend this book.


If you are a sci-fi fan, I still recommend this book. It certainly provides some good food for thought.

The Night Circus

I recommend this book, because Morgenstern’s writing really did create a vivid world for me that I liked reading about, even if I couldn’t quite connect with the characters inhabiting that world.

Rules of Vengeance

If you liked Rules of Deception, I definitely recommend this book.

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