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#2020 Pop Culture Resolutions: March Update

I blogged in January about some books I planned to read and movies I planned to watch in 2020. I updated my progress in February, and now that we’re finally into April, I wanted to post an update on my March progress.


For my March pick, I read Confessions by Kanae Minato.

I briefly discussed my thoughts in my latest Quick Lit post. This was definitely my favourite of the three books I’ve read as part of this project so far.


I’ve actually watched a few movies from my initial list since my February update:

I did end up choosing Memories of Murder as my February pick, since I’ve been unable to find Mother anywhere, so I swapped it out.

Then I watched The Host and The Raid 2, so I’ve actually watched four movies from my list now.

The Host was really good, and The Raid 2 was pretty good as well (although I didn’t love it the way I loved the first movie, but appreciated that a lot of things were kicked up a notch in the sequel).

I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be reading and watching from my lists, but now that we’re all pretty much in self-isolation and my commute to and from work has been eliminated, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands than I used to, so I’m excited to carry on with this project.

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