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Faithful Place

Faithful PlaceFaithful Place By Tana French

Series: Dublin Murder Squad #3

Source Purchased

Published by Penguin Viking Adult on July 13, 2010

Rating: four-stars

Cover image and synopsis from Goodreads:

Back in 1985, Frank Mackey was a nineteen year old kid with a dream of escaping his family's cramped flat on Faithful Place and running away to London with his girl, Rosie Daly. But on the night they were supposed to leave, Rosie didn't show. Frank took it for granted that she'd dumped him - probably because of his alcoholic father, nutcase mother, and generally dysfunctional family. He never went home again. Neither did Rosie. Then, twenty-two years later, Rosie's suitcase shows up behind a fireplace in a derelict house on Faithful Place, and Frank, now a detective in the Dublin Undercover squad, is going home whether he likes it or not.

Getting sucked in is a lot easier than getting out again. Frank finds himself straight back in the dark tangle of relationships he left behind. The cops working the case want him out of the way, in case loyalty to his family and community makes him a liability. Faithful Place wants him out because he's a detective now, and the Place has never liked cops. Frank just wants to find out what happened to Rosie Daly - and he's willing to do whatever it takes, to himself or anyone else, to get the job done.

After reading In the Woods and The Likeness, I immediately started reading the third book in Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series. I love the way the books are loosely connected, and in this book it’s Frank Mackey, who appears in The Likeness, who appears as the protagonist.

I was initially not sure how I felt about Frank being the main character in this book. I didn’t exactly like him in The Likeness, but now that I’ve read it, Frank might be my favourite of Tana French’s characters (although at the time of writing this, I’ve finished the fourth book as well, Broken Harbour, and Scorcher Kennedy might be tied for my favourite).

I loved this story, the mystery, the setting, the way Frank was pulled back to his childhood home and neighbourhood and people that he thought he had left in his past.

It’s so hard for me to talk about mysteries without getting into the plot and spoilers, but believe me when I say that this one (like all of Tana French’s books I’ve read) is fantastic. Again, I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading. I felt immersed in Frank’s world, and I thought that the resolution to the mystery here was really satisfying.

I think this has been my favourite book in the series so far, and if you are a mystery fan and, like me, have somehow not read this series yet, you must pick these books up! I am a major Tana French fan now!


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