The Girl From Widow Hills

This is another compelling, twisty read from Megan Miranda

Trace of Evil

This was a really absorbing, excellent read.

The Holdout

This book was such a page-turner!

The Return

The Return is one of my favourite reads so far this year.

The Only Child

I’m glad this was one I picked up through the library rather than one I purchased.

The Better Liar

I believe this is a debut, and I was really impressed by it!

The Whisper Man

This exceeded my expectations!

Theme Music

Recommended, and I am very interested to see what T. Marie Vandelly writes in the future!

Mind of Winter

I definitely recommend that you pick this book up if you want a tense, suspenseful thriller that might surprise you.

Come Closer

This was just such a deliciously dark and unsettling book.

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