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It’s been several months since my last movies update! I’ve watched a bunch of movies these past few months and enjoyed more than usual I think.

As usual, I’m tracking and rating them all on my Letterboxd account, and the ones I particularly enjoyed are in bold:

  1. Halloween Ends (this movie was weird and not great and not scary, but I liked the weirdness and what it tried to do more than I liked anything in the previous movies in this trilogy, and had a really fun time watching this one)
  2. Heck (I appreciate what this short film is trying to do, but I didn’t care for it)
  3. Saloum (fun, visually interesting revenge-thriller-horror story)
  4. Grimcutty (unintentionally very funny)
  5. Anything For Jackson (I love Julian Richings, and this had some very cool creepy moments)
  6. We Go On (interesting concept, didn’t love the execution)
  7. Watcher (this was fine, but too slow for me I think)
  8. Skinamarink (I was really eager to see this, after hearing so much about it when it first came out, but as with Heck, this experimental, slow movie was not for me)
  9. Warning: Do Not Play (fun idea but just ok)
  10. The Medium (I love fake documentary-type horror movies, and this had its moments, but it was another that was just ok for me overall)
  11. The Lair (this was so bad. Do not waste your time)
  12. Leave (so boring and unmemorable)
  13. Hellhouse LLC (rewatch)
  14. Evil Dead 2 (rewatch)
  15. One Cut of the Dead (rewatch)
  16. Host (rewatch)
  17. Scream VI (I went into this with low expectations, and then was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it much more than its predecessor. The Ghostface reveal was disappointingly predictable and boring, but I liked a lot of the characters and there were some cool scenes that stood out to me from what I was expecting from the series)
  18. Evil Dead Rise (opposite of Scream VI. I went into this with high expectations and was disappointed. The beginning was cool but almost entirely unconnected from the rest of the movie and kind of unnecessary. There were some cool scenes and good performances, but I just didn’t love this)
  19. The Booksellers (a non-horror entry! This documentary on booksellers was really fascinating)

What have you been watching lately?

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