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I could have sworn I posted one of these since my last one in July, but I guess not!

Mostly I’ve been watching Hallmark made-for-TV Christmas movies, which are the perfect thing to have on while reading and playing Nintendo. But I did watch a good chunk of movies this fall.

As usual, I’m tracking and rating them all on my Letterboxd account, and the ones I particularly enjoyed are in bold:

  1. Apollo 18 (I loved the concept but this was a pretty slow movie)
  2. Bad Things (this was super dull)
  3. The Collingswood Story (not necessarily a great movie, but interesting from a history-of-found-footage and webcam movies perspective)
  4. The Borderlands / Final Prayer (a found-footage gem that I somehow missed! Even now months later I think about that ending. This will definitely be one I rewatch)
  5. Butterfly Kisses (this was ok. Interesting idea)
  6. The Outwaters (I absolutely do not understand the hype for this movie. It was nearly unwatchable)
  7. Horror in the High Desert (I really liked this! Definitely a slow burn of a fake-documentary and found-footage movie but I was into it right away, and the last few minutes were so tense!)
  8. Horror in the High Desert 2: Minerva (I also quite enjoyed this, although not as much as the first, and I’m so looking forward to the next installment in this series)
  9. Savageland (I thought this was such a clever take on found footage and went in not knowing anything about it which I recommend. Another slow burn fake-documentary style movie, but I liked it enough to have already rewatched it)
  10. Howard’s Mill (decent fake doc, kind of a mystery with horror elements)
  11. Elevator Game (laughably bad)
  12. The Abandoned (truly bad)
  13. Kill List (started well, had really good potential, predictable and disappointing ending)
  14. Home Movie (predictable, boring, pointless)
  15. Talk To Me (really interesting premise and some good scenes, but this was just ok for me)
  16. Hell House LLC (rewatch – I rewatched the whole series ahead of the newest release)
  17. V/H/S 85 (I always enjoy these movies, even when they’re not great)
  18. Hell House LLC II: The Abbadon Hotel (rewatch)
  19. Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire (rewatch)
  20. Hell House LLC IV: The Carmichael Manor (I was really excited for this movie and it was definitely one of the better movies in the series, although I think it’s stronger as a stand-alone without trying to link everything to the Abbadon)
  21. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (I knew I watched something that wasn’t a horror movie! This was fun, but made some strange choices in terms of music and casting)

I’m on holidays now so I’m hoping to watch a few more movies (including Die Hard and Muppet Christmas Carol, my Christmas favourites!).

What have you been watching lately?

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