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August 10 – 16

This is it! My last week in the apartment before I move. With the packing and moving preparations, things have been pretty hectic, which means that while I’ve been reading, I haven’t been writing reviews. I’ve got a backlog of 3 or 4 books to write about, but I just don’t have the time or energy lately. So there might be one review a week for the rest of the month but I really do plan to get back to my usual schedule in September.



I did find this gem while packing. I’ve had this Gameboy Colour for literally half of my life. I saved up my money earned from working at Yogen Fruz in the mall to buy this game. I’d already played Pokemon Blue for probably more hours than was healthy. Pokemon was such an obsession when I got this (and it still totally is).

I’m happy to see that this still works, after 16 years! I want to check out my Pokedex and see how many Pokemon I captured.

So many books to talk about this week! First, the three ARCs I received in my goody bag from Frenzy Presents last Sunday (P.S. it was awesome! Check out Michelle’s post for a great recap):

Yay books!

Yay books!

Between the Notes, by Sharon Huss Roat: this is one I’d heard of before and was on the fence about whether or not it was a book I wanted to read, but after getting a copy at HCC Frenzy Presents and checking out the description again, I’m looking forward to it. 

The Rest of Us Just Live Here, by Patrick Ness: this is one of the upcoming fall releases that I’m super excited to read! I keep telling people it’s sort of pitched as a book about kids who are the background characters in a world like Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s: they are not the chosen ones, they’re the ones who are just trying to live their lives and not get destroyed by the hell mouth or the big bad or whatever it is that the chosen one has to take down in order to save the world. I’m really really looking forward to this one!

The Unquiet, by Mikaela Everett: another one that I was really excited to find in my goody bag! It’s recommended for people who like the TV show Fringe, and I am definitely one of those people! Two Earths, where there is a double of everything and everyone – I love stuff like this! This is definitely a me book and I’m so looking forward to reading it.

I also received a copy of The Sisters of Versailles, by Sally Christie, as part of a blog tour (thank you Simon & Schuster Canada!). I really enjoy historical fiction, so I was definitely intrigued by this one.

SohoTeen provided a few e-ARCs that all sound good:









The Devil and Winnie Flynn, by Micol Ostow;

Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator, by Jen Klein;

The Girl with the Wrong Name, by Barnabas Miller; and

From Where I Watch You, by Shannon Grogan.

I also received an e-ARC of Need, by Joelle Charbonneau, via Netgalley.

AND my friend Ciara gifted me an ARC of Daughters Unto Devils, by Amy Lukavics, which I am so so so so intensely excited about.

Phew! Lots of books, no time to read for the next week or so! But I’m really looking forward to the week after the move, because I’ve taken the entire week off work so I can unpack and get settled in the new place. I’m sure I’ll also find lots of time to read!

Okay like I said, I did actually read some books this past week! I finished reading The Dogs, by Allan Stratton (ARC), Armada, by Ernest Cline, and The Accident Season, by Moira Fowley-Doyle. Now I need to write those reviews…

Currently, I’m reading a borrowed ARC of The Scorpion Rules, by Erin Bow, and Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird on the Internet. I’m really liking both so far.

I had one review posted this past week: The Nightmare Charade, by Mindee Arnett.

I’ve got one review scheduled for the upcoming week on the blog: The Creeping, by Alexandra Sirowy (I LOVED IT). If I can write about one of the other books I finished reading, I’ll try and schedule that for this week, but I can’t make any promises!

Time to get back to packing. Happy Sunday!

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