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The Last One

The Last OneThe Last One By Will Dean

Source Received from the publisher

Published by Emily Bestler Books on August 8, 2023

Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rating: two-stars

When Caz steps onboard the exclusive cruise liner RMS Atlantica, it’s the start of a vacation of a lifetime with her new love, Pete. On their first night they explore the ship, eat, dance, make friends, but when Caz wakes the next morning, Pete is missing.

And when she walks out into the corridor, all the cabin doors are open. To her horror, she soon realizes that the ship is completely empty. No passengers, no crew, nobody but her. The Atlantica is steaming into the mid-Atlantic and Caz is the only person on board. But that’s just the beginning of the terrifying journey she finds herself trapped on in this white-knuckled mystery.

I’d heard really good things about this book, and I’m always looking for a fun thriller to read, so I recently picked up my Kindle and decided to check this one out.

This premise was so intriguing, but I found myself really frustrated quite often while reading this. The pacing was slow, for a thriller, and there were lots of repetitive, dry scenes. But I liked the ‘twist’ that occurred early in the story. I wasn’t expecting a twist at that point, and it was one I hadn’t anticipated at all. I thought it offered a lot of potential for the story.

But this book fell into the trap of trying to add twist after twist after twist, without seeming to worry about whether the twists were actually interesting or made sense. And the ending is incredibly frustrating – I cannot convey how much this ending made me want to throw the (e-)book across the room in exasperation.

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So this was a really frustrating read for me, and not one I enjoyed.


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