Week In Review

June 8 – 14

Hello world! I have Monday off work so this is a long weekend for me and I’m super excited! I’m going to see the movie SPY with a friend this afternoon, and other than that, I hope to get a ton of reading done.

Books! Lots of books made their way into my home this week:

Velvet Undercover, by Teri Brown (via Edelweiss);

Catacomb, by Madeleine Roux (via Edelweiss);

Da Vinci’s Tiger, by Laura Malone Elliott (via Edelweiss);

It’s About Love, by Steven Camden (via Edelweiss);

Gamelife: A Memoir, by Michael Clune (via Raincoast);

Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, by Bill Nye (via Raincoast);

The Devil You Know, by Trish Doller (purchased);

A Perfect Crime, by A. Yi (purchased);

I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son, by Kent Russell (library);

Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation, by Blake J. Harris (library); and

Bellweather Rhapsody, by Kate Racculia (library).


Oh boy, the only thing I finished reading this week was Lumberjanes Vol. 1 (it was great!). I was reading Joyride by Anna Banks as an ARC but DNF’d at just over 60%, because it became tedious for me to keep reading and I really wasn’t enjoying it, unfortunately. I was really looking forward to it at first but I couldn’t get into it.

Currently I’m reading two huge books so I haven’t finished much but I am definitely reading: David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks, and a borrowed ARC of Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. I also started reading an ARC of Justine Larbalestier’s Razorhurst.

On the blog, I  posted reviews of What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott, and Sick by Tom Leveen. I also continued my Supernatural rewatch and shared my thoughts on episodes 16 (Shadow) and 17 (Hell House).

Coming up this week are more Supernatural rewatch posts, and reviews of Adorkable by Sarra Manning, and I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest.

That’s it for me! Coffee time! Happy Sunday!

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