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Camp So-and-So

Camp So-and-SoCamp So-and-So By Mary McCoy

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Published by Carolrhoda Lab on March 1, 2017

Rating: three-half-stars

Cover image and synopsis from Goodreads:

The letters went out in mid-February. Each letter invited its recipient to spend a week at Camp So-and-So, a lakeside retreat for girls nestled high in the Starveling Mountains. Each letter came with a glossy brochure with photographs of young women climbing rocks, performing Shakespearean theatre under the stars, and spiking volleyballs. Each letter was signed in ink by the famed and reclusive businessman and philanthropist, Inge F. Yancey IV.

By the end of the month, twenty-five applications had been completed, signed, and mailed to a post office box in an obscure Appalachian town.

Had any of these girls tried to follow the directions in the brochure and visit the camp for themselves on that day in February, they would have discovered that there was no such town and no such mountain and that no one within a fifty-mile radius had ever heard of Camp So-and-So.

I didn’t remember what this book was about when my library hold came in, but I thought that it was some sort of YA horror, so I was eager to go pick it up and start reading!

I really loved the first few chapters, where we start to see strange things happen to each of the five cabins. These chapters grabbed my attention and pulled me in, making me want to know more about what was going on and what would happen next. I was getting a Cabin in the Woods vibe, and I love that movie, so I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out.

Unfortunately, the more I read, the less satisfied I was with the explanation behind everything going on at the camp. Also, there were some storylines that I was more interested in than others, so I was impatient at times, wanting to get back to the plots that I cared about more.

Overall, I didn’t love Camp So-and-So but it was a fun read.


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