Blood Countess

I was so excited to read this book, based on the synopsis and eye-catching cover.

The Twisted Ones

This premise caught my attention right away. I love a creepy story, and what’s creepier than a house in the woods where things go bump in the night?

Come Closer

This was just such a deliciously dark and unsettling book.


Even if I didn’t love this one, it had some fun creepy moments and was a good pick for spooky season.

Imaginary Friend

It didn’t fully satisfy me.

The Tenth Girl

Describing a book as a ‘gothic psychological thriller with a haunting twist’ pretty much guarantees that I will read it.

Into the Drowning Deep

This was a great choice for the start of my spooky fall reading.

Here There Are Monsters

I was very intrigued by this book.

The Haunted

I think if you like her other books, you’ll enjoy this one too.

The Graveyard Apartment

While this book didn’t totally wow me, it was interesting to read and had some good creepy moments!

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