The Only Child

I’m glad this was one I picked up through the library rather than one I purchased.

The Whisper Man

This exceeded my expectations!

Ghost Wall

Ghost Wall was a gripping little story.

The Cruel Prince


Miracle Creek

This was a fantastic book.

Mind of Winter

I definitely recommend that you pick this book up if you want a tense, suspenseful thriller that might surprise you.

The Widow of Rose House

This was a very enjoyable, sweet story. Recommended!

In The Night Wood

The story within the story was, to me, the most interesting part.

The Twisted Ones

This premise caught my attention right away. I love a creepy story, and what’s creepier than a house in the woods where things go bump in the night?

There Will Come A Darkness

I loved the premise and cover for this one, and was definitely drawn in by a Six of Crows vibe at first.

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