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Recommended, and I am very interested to see what T. Marie Vandelly writes in the future!

Miracle Creek

This was a fantastic book.

Mind of Winter

I definitely recommend that you pick this book up if you want a tense, suspenseful thriller that might surprise you.

The Widow of Rose House

This was a very enjoyable, sweet story. Recommended!

Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless

There was more depth to this one than I expected.


Despite my initial excitement, this was a disappointing read for me.

Wylding Hall

This was a very quick, absorbing read.


This was a very fun, quick, suspenseful read that has some creepy moments but is not overtly scary.

The Third Hotel

This was a strange, absorbing book.

Save Me From Dangerous Men

I was drawn to this book because of that title, and I do love a good thriller.

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