The Dire King

This is truly a wonderful, magical, fun series.

Archivist Wasp

I definitely recommend that you check this one out!

Heart-Shaped Box

This book was uneven for me, but it interested me enough to want to check out more of Joe Hillโ€™s books!

The Women In the Walls

Recommended for YA horror fans.

As I Descended


Ghostly Echoes

This series is one of my new favourites, and I can’t wait to add Ghostly Echoes to my bookshelf. Highly recommended!

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

I’m two for two with liking Katie Alender’s books so far!

The Raven King

While I’m beyond sad that my favourite series is finished, I’ve absolutely loved every book.

Hotel Ruby

I’m feeling very mixed about Hotel Ruby.

Slade House


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