Watching From The Dark

This is a series I intend to keep up with.

She Lies In Wait

As soon as I finished, I put a hold on the next in the series at my library!

The Holdout

This book was such a page-turner!

We Went To The Woods

This book was both fascinating and frustrating.

Slade House



Although the world building and character development were a bit lacking for me, the action is good, and if you’re a fan of dystopian YA, I recommend that you give this book a chance.


I am a total sucker for stories involving time travel and this one got me.

House of Leaves

If you like horror or scary stories and have the time, patience, and a colour print available, I definitely recommend this book.

The Professor’s Assassin

Overall, this is a fun, quick read, very well written, and you can’t beat the price (0.99¢ on the Kobo store!).

The Last Dickens

I have been reading a lot of young adult fiction lately and this book was an excellent change of pace. I really recommend that you pick up all of Pearl’s novels, particularly this one.

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