The Boyfriend App

Overall, this was a light, fluffy read.

Some Girls Are

After reading three of her books, I am solidly a Courtney Summers fan!

The Darkest Minds

This book had a fascinating premise, and I felt that the book followed through pretty well.


A quick, enjoyable read that felt different from much of what I’ve read this year.

The Nightmare Affair

This was such a fun book!

The F-It List

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. It was funny, touching, and although it left me wanting more, I think it’s one you should check out if you’re a contemporary YA fan.


How do I rate a book that has given me such confused and mixed up feelings?

The Waking Dark

I suppose I have mixed feelings on this book.

Dance of the Red Death

I definitely recommend this book, and its predecessor.

Engines of the Broken World

Once I started and got drawn into Mercy’s story, I couldn’t put it down.

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