If you like young adult novels but are looking for something a bit darker, I definitely recommend this one.

I’d Know You Anywhere

This book was well-written, suspenseful at times, and a real page turner. I definitely recommend it!

Carrot Cake Murder

This was fun, quick to read, and light-hearted, making it an excellent summer read! I recommend this one!


This book was awesome. I liked the characters, and in addition to the excellent supernatural plot, there was suspense, romance, and mystery. I am definitely recommending it!

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

I thought this book was great and I definitely recommend it!


This book was deeper and more complicated than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

Beauty Queens

I strongly recommend this book. It’s funny, touching, and has a great message, and finds a way to criticize modern culture with humour and startling accuracy. This is a must-read!

Dead Reckoning

There are continued plot lines from previous books, so while I do recommend this book, you should definitely start with book one, Dead Until Dark, if you’re new to the series.


This was a good book, with an interesting premise.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

This is another one of those books that I feel like I ‘should’ like.

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