Force of Nature

If you read and enjoyed The Dry, this sequel is a must-read.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Death and Daisies

I would highly recommend this series and book to anyone who wants to daydream about escaping the city and moving to the Scottish countryside. Bonus marks if you have an interest in gardening or flowers.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: ‘Twas the Knife Before Christmas

The only real downside to this book is having to wait another year for the next book in the series to come out.

In A Cottage In A Wood

Overall this was just average for me.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Thread Herrings

I enjoyed this book and thought the mystery was so interesting.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Nipped In the Bud

I usually love this series, but it just didn’t have the same strength that previous books had.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Haunted Hayride with Murder

This was a fun (and a little scary!) book following a great team of friends as they investigate murder and creepy witch stories. I’m happy to have discovered this series now (even if it is a little late in the game) and can’t wait to start at the beginning!

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

It just wasn’t for me.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Deadly News

Overall, this was a sweet book that was enjoyable to read. I look forward to the next one.

Lil Pingwing’s Cozy Corner: Yule Log Murder

This is a bit of a challenge for me to review as I had very different responses to the three books.

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